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Investigating the levels of social anxiety within the TS population

Investigating the levels of social anxiety within the TS population

Posted on 16 February 2023 by Pippa McClounan


A research study into the effects of self-focused attention on post-event processing in social anxiety.

Student Researcher Alice Rhodes, from the University of Sussex invites you to take part in a study to further understanding of social anxiety processes in those with TS or a tic disorder.

Social anxiety is something that everyone has experienced recently due to the coronavirus and it is a feeling that, for many of us, has lifted with the easing of social restrictions. However, there are individuals among us who experience higher levels of social anxiety independently of any global pandemic. Recognition of the difficulties that these individuals face daily, and their resilience is necessary. The current research will endeavour to explore the levels of social anxiety and related processes in participants diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome versus a control group.

This research will attempt to collect data on five specific cognitive processes associated with social anxiety to comprehensively answer the question of what effect self-focused attention processes have on post-event processing.

The survey will take no longer than 20 minutes and is open to those ober the age of 18.

You will also be entered in to a prize draw to win one of two £25 Amazon Gift Cards.




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