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How effectively are Neurodivergent Women supported in the workplace?

Posted on 13 February 2024 by Pippa McClounan


A summary of a recent research study supported by TA

Thanks to the engagement of the TS Community, studies like the following are made possible. We're keen on sharing the insights from these research endeavors to showcase the advantages of participation. Please continue reading for a synopsis of 'How effectively are Neurodivergent Women supported in the workplace?'


A lay summary of a research study conducted by the University of Sussex

There is currently a lack of accessible research-informed material available about Tourette Syndrome and women at work.

89 participants took part in the survey and shared their experiences of being employed as (self) identifying neurodivergent women. 12 neurodivergent interviewees participated in Semi Structured interviews. 4 of these were women with Tourette Syndrome. Interviews with women with Tourette Syndrome explored whether they talked to other people at work or in place of study about their neurodiversity. In this summary the key themes of disclosure, (un)masking and workplace support are explored.

The key ‘take away’ message from this work is the need for workplaces to encourage discussions about neurodiversity, for attitudes to keep evolving. Neuro-inclusive cultures benefit everyone!

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