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Understanding the expression of everyday vocal and motor tics in adults

Understanding the expression of everyday vocal and motor tics in adults

Posted on 22 February 2024 by Pippa McClounan


An invitation to join a research workshop

A cross-disciplinary team from the University of Hertfordshire is looking for adult participants (aged 18 or over) who have a confirmed diagnosis or have self-identified as having a Chronic Tic Disorder (such as Tourette Syndrome) to join an exploratory workshop.

The workshop is a chance for researchers and participants to meet to co-propose how everyday tics may be captured in adults. The study proposes to explore ways tics can be sonically and visually captured (with consideration of context (environmental, social, medical)) associated with tic production. They wish to learn about the myriad of ways that tic disorders can manifest in adults, including areas of subtlety and normality that may not immediately be obvious to others. This is to help identify how tics can present, both for the person experiencing them and for those witnessing.

The second phase of the study would invite the adult participants to work with audio/visual kits to test workshop-borne ideas.  This may involve journalling, audio/visual capture and semi-structured interviews to understand and capture everyday tics in daily life and activities. 

Click here to read more details in the Online Participant Information Sheet.


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