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Webinar - Managing Transition and Change

Webinar - Managing Transition and Change

Posted on 18 March 2024 by Pippa McClounan


Join us for an informative session learn more about how to best manage transition and change in an education setting.

Anxiety and worry come in many forms and can create barriers to learning, wellbeing, and social interaction, as well as impacting families and siblings. Transitions and changes (both big and small) can be a particular cause of worry and upheaval for young people. Tackling the root cause of the anxiety and developing appropriate emotional regulation strategies is key to developing resilience.

In this virtual workshop, we will consider the common periods of change and transition for young people and how preparation and pre-emptive support can reduce worry. We will also share practical, printable resources that can be used to support your young people.

Tickets cost £5.

Bookings close at 5pm the day before the event.



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