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New Research Study

New Research Study

Posted on 11 June 2024 by Pippa McClounan


A study into sleep traits in Tourette Syndrome

This study will explore links between TS traits, sleep routine preferences, delayed sleep, the tendency to runinate, time spent on electronic devices, depression and stimulant use.

The project aims to investigate the potential relationships between morningness-eveningness (i.e.: chronotype/being more of a 'morning person' or more of an 'evening person'), delaying sleep (bedtime procrastination), rumination (overthinking), and traits within the Tourette Syndrome spectrum. Additionally, possible relationships with time spent using electronic devices, depression, sleep quality, and use of stimulants (caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol) will also be investigated.

You will be asked to complete online questionnaires which should take no longer than 10 minutes.

For more details please contact Nita Daw at

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