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New TA Patron

Posted on 18 June 2024 by Emma McNally


We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Eddie Marsan, an award-winning English actor, as a TA Patron.

Eddie Marsan


Eddie Marsan is an award-winning English actor with a diverse career spanning film and television, recently, he portrayed Mitch Winehouse, Amy Winehouse’s father, in the biopic Back to Black.


Eddie chose to support Tourettes Action as one of his children lives with the condition and he personally understands how the TS can impact those who live with it and their families. He is keen to support us in our aims to raise awareness and bring understanding to those living with Tourette Syndrome.


Eddie supported the 2024 Tourette’s awareness campaign #TourettesHurts and has helped us further spread awareness and understanding of the condition.


Eddie explains why supporting Tourettes Action is important to him:

“As a parent of a boy with Tourette’s, I’ve witnessed firsthand how challenging and misunderstood this condition can be. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always manifest as swearing, and physically lashing out. The truth is, Tourette’s can come with a huge amount of psychological damage too, often leading to long term mental health problems.  People with Tourette’s are aware of what they’re doing but can’t stop the involuntary physical or verbal tics  that primarily cause physical injury to themselves.  Society, needs to be more understanding. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help Tourettes Action bring awareness and understanding to what can be a very difficult condition to live with.” 

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