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Busy Body: My Life with Tourette's Syndrome

Nick Van Bloss (2006)

Nick Van Bloss was 7 years old when he had his first tic: a sudden compulsion to shake his head from left to right, twice in rapid succession. It wasn't until 15 years later that he was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and he could comprehend the condition that had plagued him for so long. Amidst his battles with unhelpful medical professionals, jeering bullies and his own very busy body, Nick managed to survive by discovering a gift and passion for the piano. Life, however, was still to throw a number of obstacles in his way before he could learn to accept his syndrome and wear his tics with a smile. Nick van Bloss' memoir gives a remarkable insight into a much-misunderstood condition, and allows us into the heart and mind of a wonderfully witty and talented man.

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"People need to know that TS is involuntary. We don't need pity, but some will always need help, support and understanding"