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Information about fundraising and other ways to get involved with Tourettes Action.

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  • Leaflets

  • TA fundraising brochure

    Find out the different ways that you can fundraise for Tourettes Action.

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  • TA Gift Aid Form

    Complete this form to enable us to collect Gift Aid from your donations.

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  • TA supporter leaflet

    Sign up today to become a TA supporter

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  • Videos

  • About TS

    Dance, Yoga and how it's helped my TS

    Clair Beckett, professional dancer, yoga teacher and theatre company director talks about her experience of movement based practices and how they support her TS.

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  • About TS

    The barber who lives his life with TS

    Cutting hair is precision work that demands calm and steady hands.  So what do you do if your dream is to become a barber, but you're diagnosed with Tourette syndrome?  David Arce, 27, has the answer: "You just go out there and follow your dreams. If I can do it, anybody can."

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  • Website links

  • Coprolalia Myths Demystified

    An article looking at the reasons behind coprolalia and inappropriate behaviour.

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"People need to know that TS is involuntary. We don't need pity, but some will always need help, support and understanding"







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