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Insightful answers to interesting question from regular blogger Adrian Reynolds

Posted Tue 13th Jun 2017 at 13:41
by Adrian Reynolds


Adrian lifts the lid on questions that he has been asked by friends and strangers about living with TS.

Q: Can I laugh at you? What humour is OK? Where’s the line? 

A: It’s all about context, there’s no point trying to draw arbitrary lines. I try to laugh about it, I don’t mind people I know laughing at it, even doing impressions of me. At least they’re basing it on something real and merely trying to make light of it. The stereotypical Tourette’s = swearing joke is quite draining partly because it’s simply not true, but mainly because it’s such a tired joke. On any subject, repeating a clichéd stereotype joke doesn’t go down very well…and that’s more as a comedy fan than a Tourette’s sufferer. On social media many defend their tedious Tourette’s ‘joke’ by projecting offence on to you. It’s easier to assume everyone else is offended rather than consider you’re not very funny or original. I’m not sure any jokes would actually offend me, I’d just prefer if they were vaguely original or based on reality. In a world where I can repeatedly twitch my mouth away from a bagel I want to eat it, headbutt a lamppost or fall in a canal it seems a shame to just to focus on the swearing joke.

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Insightful answers to interesting question from regular blogger Adrian Reynolds

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