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Spotlight on research - Elizabeth Stroud

Posted on 13 June 2017 by Helen Robbins


Elizabeth talks about her research study exploring the effectiveness of smartwatch vibrations on reducing tics in children with TS.


Elizabeth Stroud





Mental Health Research Masters Student


Where are you doing your research?

The University of Nottingham


What is the topic of your research?

Understanding the effectiveness of smartwatch vibrations on reducing tics in children with Tourette Syndrome


How will this help people with TS?             

It is piloting a potential new intervention for children with Tourette’s  


What stage of the research are you at?

This research study has now finished.


What will happen next in the study?

Recruited participants will take part in a trial at the University of Nottingham. This will involve them wearing the smartwatch for 1 hour, with breaks in between. Several measures will be used to explore the changes induced by the smartwatch.


Why do you want to be a researcher?

I have been studying psychology and neuroscience for several years, and it is clear that there is still lots to be learnt in these fields. The only way to fill these gaps in knowledge, is by pushing through research, such as this. Additionally, this intervention brings an exciting possibility of a new way of managing symptoms of Tourette Syndrome.

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