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Once Upon A Tic

This is the journey of a young girl Alice, transitioning from primary to secondary school, and looks at some of the difficulties she faces in this journey, and the support she receives to make the process more manageable. In our story Alice and her mother use the resources from Tourettes Action to educate both her teachers and peers on her condition, to help improve her time in school. Please note that the illustrations are narrated in the notes section of the powerpoint.

This presentation was created by students of international interdisciplinary program – COHERE - with the focus on Diversity and Social Inclusion, hosted by Rotterdam University.  One of the collaborators is Ione Georgakis, a student of Occupational Therapy, who also has Tourette Syndrome.

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"People need to know that TS is involuntary. We don't need pity, but some will always need help, support and understanding"