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"People with TS can live a perfectly happy and normal life and children do cope with the issues"

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About TS

Tourette syndrome is a genetically determined neurological condition, the key features of which are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. TS is a complex condition and a large number of people with the condition will also experience co-occurring features and conditions.

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Complete our e-Learning training

We have created an eLearning course, Understanding Tourette Syndrome that is packed full of information.  In this module, you will learn what Tourette syndrome is, co-occurring features and differences that accompany it, how it affects an individual and what can be done to help and understand. Unfortunately a lot of what we know about Tourette's is what we have seen in the media but in fact, in reality, TS presents very differently.

Explore our resource library

Our extensive resource library is packed with everything about TS you could ever wish to know, including all our TA publications, news stories, videos and books. Search the library to find out more about the condition.

Research into TS

Research into TS is vital to helping us make progress towards understanding the basis of TS. Read about the latest research news and find out how to get involved in current projects.