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Support in school

***Living with TS: Workshops for Parents and Carers***

This workshop is for parents and carers and will cover information and support for families that have newly diagnosed children and/or school aged children with TS.

***Teacher Training Workshops 2019/20***

With a range of expert speakers we aim to pass on tried and tested strategies that you can use to help your students have full access to the curriculum and reach their full potential. We know having a child with TS in school can be very challenging so we aim to help you have a better understanding of how to manage behaviour, and empower these young people to fully understand and manage their TS. 


If your child has been recently diagnosed we suggest taking the following steps:

Supporting your child through their education, needs to be approached as a working partnership between families and school. The following is a brief outline of the steps you should take when talking to the school following a diagnosis of TS:

  • Organise a meeting with the school to discuss how TS affects your child
  • Find out what the school's level of understanding is regarding TS - what experience do they have of supporting pupils with TS?
  • Provide Tourettes Action information and resources for teachers
  • Discuss the possibility of informing the rest of the class/school about TS to help reduce any misunderstanding, unwanted attention or bullying. 
  • Remember to discuss support needs around your child's TS and any related conditions, such as OCD, anxiety etc.
  • Share information about strategies you have found helpful at home
  • If your child is on medication, explain the possible side effects and inform the school of any changes to medication
  • Stay in communication with the school and meet with your child's class teacher and/or SENCO as and when needed, keeping records of discussions about your child's progress.
  • Discuss ways for your child to manage their tics during the school day, what adjustments can the school make to support your child?  


  • We provide bespoke advice and training opportunities for schools, in-house or via video conferencing - please contact our Education Manager Lucy for further information. 
  • Key facts for teachers leaflet - an easy-to-read leaflet that outlines the main facts that all teachers need to know when supporting a child with TS (see right-hand side downloads)
  • What Makes Us Tic leaflet – an introduction to TS. (see right-hand side downloads)

If you are an education professional please visit our Advice for teachers page