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  If your child has been recently diagnosed we suggest taking the following steps:

Supporting your child through their education, needs to be approached as a working partnership between families and school. The following is a brief outline of the steps you should take when talking to the school following a diagnosis of TS:

  • Organise a meeting with the school to discuss how TS affects your child
  • Find out what the school's level of understanding is regarding TS - what experience do they have of supporting pupils with TS?
  • Provide Tourettes Action information and resources for teachers
  • Discuss the possibility of informing the rest of the class/school about TS to help reduce any misunderstanding, unwanted attention or bullying. 
  • Remember to discuss support needs around your child's TS and any related conditions, such as OCD, anxiety etc.
  • Share information about strategies you have found helpful at home
  • If your child is on medication, explain the possible side effects and inform the school of any changes to medication
  • Stay in communication with the school and meet with your child's class teacher and/or SENCO as and when needed, keeping records of discussions about your child's progress.
  • Discuss ways for your child to manage their tics during the school day, what adjustments can the school make to support your child?  


  • We provide bespoke advice for parents regarding any questions or concerns about their child's education and school experience.  Please contact our Education Manager Lucy for further information. 
  • Key facts for teachers leaflet - an easy-to-read leaflet that outlines the main facts that all teachers need to know when supporting a child with TS (see right-hand side downloads.
  • What Makes Us Tic leaflet – an introduction to TS. (see right-hand side downloads)

If you are an education professional please visit our Advice for teachers page